petainerCooler is a fully recyclable, reusable water cooler with market-leading durability and strength, outperforming other PET water cooler bottles in drop tests. The cooler is compatible with existing filling equipment and washing lines, avoiding any capital investment required to switch to using the product. Key features include: Unlike traditional polycarbonate coolers, petainerCooler is BPA-free, avoiding any health concerns surrounding the chemical It is shrink-resistant to over 40 washing cycles at 145F, removing micro-organisms - standard PET can only withstand 15 wash cycles at 145F petainerCooler is more robust in independent drop tests than standard PET petainerCooler has a high-quality appearance with high scuff resistance, providing long-term visual appeal It is available in a handled and non-handled option Announcing the launch, Marc Kibbey, executive vice-president, North America, Petainer, said: The launch of petainerCooler in the North American market is another great example of Petainers ability to develop disruptive solutions which offer a better user experience and higher quality product. petainerCooler offers a range of features which are superior to those of existing coolers making it more visually appealing, easier to handle and, importantly, BPA-free. Thanks to the two-stage process which means the cooler can been blown from a preform where it is filled, petainerCooler offers supply chain benefits which reduce logistics costs by up to 90%. PET is also more environmentally friendly than polycarbonate as it is fully recyclable and is accepted widely in recycling streams, compared to the specialist recycling facilities required for polycarbonate. The Petainer water coolers are blow-molded in an ISO 9001 certified facility in Modesto, California and shipped directly from the location. Artesia Springs servicing 40% of State of Texas with bulk water using new petainerCooler Locally owned and operated, Artesia Springs, out of San Antonio, Texas, was an early adopter of the petainerCooler and has experienced tremendous success using it as part of the companys supply chain. Rudy Ramon, founder and CEO of Artesia Springs says: In terms of whats out in the market today, the Petainer water bottle is second-to-none in durability as compared to other bottles. The strength of the bottle allows us to get more turns than a normal PET bottle. The service has been great and the value that we can now provide to our customers using the Petainer bottles is fantastic.

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